If you had learnt tattoo,  it may be easier to get start with you Do It Yourself Permanent Makeup kit. Similar to tattoo kit, your first permanent makeup machine kit will contain:

1. Disposable permanent makeup needles

Pick some commonly used sizes like, 1RL,3RL,5RL,3F,5F.  R means round, L means liner, F means flat, it’s the shape of the needles, the number means the amount of single needles included in.

2. Plastic tips for makeup needles

The sizes are the same as the needles.

3.Permanent makeup machines

One makeup machine or two different kinds of permanent cosmetic machines. In fact there are four kinds of permanent makeup machines on the market.

1. Manual permanent makeup pen, about $4.00 to $20.00.

2. General tattoo machines, about $20 to $100 each is enough.

3. Electric permanent makeup machine, rotary tattoo machines, $20 to $200.

4. And digital permanent makeup machines, $2500.00 to $3500.00. As We all know that the lowest and highest prices are not believable,  But you could get quality permanent makeup machines at very low prices from some China wholesalers, but still flit the lowest. Because there are two different price systems between local stores and China suppliers.

4. The power supply

Separate Power supply, foot pedal. The power supplys of general electric permanent makeup machines are just like the power supply of Nokia phone. The rotary machine and coil tattoo machine will need a separate power supply together with foot pedal.

5. And other permanent makeup supplies like:

Needle valve seats, eyebrow rings, anesthetic , permanent makeup pigments.

Corrective pigments and cream, to erase mistakes, but not really erase. These could be easily found at general permanent make up supply stores.

Prepare some Medical Cotton, cotton swab and alcohol in your home medicine box. Also, Skin Care stuff to help the skin heal.

Oh, nearly forgot the ink cups, if you choose liquid permanent makeup inks, you should also get ink cups to hold the ink while working. And Powder and Paste pigments are packed in pigment cups.

Before applying on your skin, it’s necessary to practice on eyelids molds or lip molds made of fake human skin.

The ingrediants of this permaent makeup pigment are very safe.

6. Everything is difficult at the beginning

But after every permanent makeup supplies got in your hand, permanent cosmetics could be easy. Start searching online and you will be able to find your ideal permanent makeup tools that just fit your budget. After learning permanent cosmetics, you’ll save money and time for any other important and interesting things.

For more information about permaennt makeup machine,  please refer to http://www.getbetterlife.com/Wholesale-tattoo-makeup-makeup_c800